GATE  Preparation  Strategy

Answer given by GATE Topper

GATE consists of –
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

These questions are objective in nature and each question will have choice of four answers, out of which the candidate has to mark the correct answer. Each question carries 1 or 2 marks questions in all the sections.

Numerical Answer Questions (NAQs)

There will be no choices available for these types of questions. A Numeric Answer question carries 1 or 2 marks questions in all sections. The answer for these questions is a real number to be entered by using mouse and virtual keypad displayed on the monitor. No negative marking for these questions.

Negative Marking scheme

Questions Type Marks Negative Marking
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 1 mark 0.33
2 marks 0.66
Numerical Answer Questions 1 mark Nil
2 marks Nil

Preparation Strategy

The most important part of preparation for GATE is to go through previous 15–20 years question papers and find out what should be your Subject priority list. I have given the weightage for different streams below.

Civil Engineering GATE 2018 Session 1 Analysis

S.No. Topics Percentage wise weightage
1 General Aptitude 15%
2 Engineering Mathematics 15%
3 Fluid Mechanics 8%
4 Environmental Engineering 13%
5 R.C.C 3%
6 Structural analysis 7%
7 GeoTechnical Engineering 11%
8 Transportation Engineering 3%
9 CMM 2%
10 Engineering Mechanics 2%
11 Irrigation Hydrology 8%
12 Solid Mechanics 7%
13 Steel Structures 2%
14 Geomatics 4%

Civil Engineering GATE 2018 Session 2 Analysis

S.No. Topics Percentage wise weightage
1 General Aptitude 15%
2 Engineering Mathematics 12%
3 Fluid Mechanics 5%
4 Environmental Engineering 11%
5 R.C 5%
6 Structural analysis 3%
7 GeoTechnical Engineering 13%
8 Transportation Engineering 8%
9 CMM 4%
10 Engineering Mechanics 4%
11 Irrigation Hydrology 8%
12 Solid Mechanics 5%
13 Steel Structures 2%
14 Geomatics 5%

Mechanical Engineering GATE 2018 Session 1 Analysis

S.No Topics % wise weightage
1 Engineering Mathematics 14%
2 General Aptitude 15%
3 Mechanics of Materials 14%
4 Engineering Mechanics 4%
5 Theory of Machines 7%
6 Machine Design 5%
7 Fluid Mechanics 11%
8 Heat Transfer 2%
9 Thermodynamics 10%
10 Manuafacturing Engineering 14%
11 Industrial Engineering 4%

                               Mechanical Engineering GATE 2018 Session 2 Analysis

S.No Topics % wise weightage
1 Engineering Mathematics 14%
2 Theory of Machines & Vibrations 14%
3 Thermo Dynamics 12%
4 MPE 14%
5 Strength of Materials 13%
6 Fluid Mechanics 12%
7 Heat Transfer 7%
8 Industrial Engineering 9%
2.Once you have decided the subject priority list, start your preparation accordingly. Decide the time for each & every subject.
3.Go through the class notes and try to solve previous 15 years questions for that particular subject. While solving questions, if you find that some topics are not covered in your class notes, refer only that part in a standard reference book of that particular subject. Dont read the entire reference book if you have attended all your classes regularly.
4.GATE is formula oriented conceptual exam. Looking at the scores past 3–4 years,competition is tough. I will suggest that dont leave anything for option. Study every subject thoroughly and each & every topic. Byheart all the formulae and understand the concept behind that formula.

Smart study techniques

  • Prepare short notes for each and every subject. This helps in last minute preparation just before 30–40 days of exam. In the last 30-40 days, revise short notes and solve the numericals which are most critical and important.

How to prepare short notes?

       1.While preparing short notes, dont include everything. Include just important key concepts and Formulae.

  1. While preparation, dont study single subject for the entire day. Take atleast 2 subjects simultaneously for preparation. This will keep your interest level up and you will not get saturated while preparation.
  2. In the last days of preparation, Avoid studying new concepts & formulae. Focus only on what you have studied entire year.
  3. Make charts and shortcut tricks to memorize things easily so that during exam, you can recall and recollect at ease.
  4. Join online and offline test series at IITians Academy. (Subjectwise & Full length mock tests)
  5. I have seen candidates getting disturbed and leaving their regular studies due to bad performance in test series.

Note : Test series is not going to decide your rank in the final exam of GATE. Test series will help you to know, Which areas you are perfect and Which areas you need to focus more on. Dont compare yourself with others in test series. Compare your own performance in the previous tests given by you.

  1. Most important part of Preparation is Revision. Revise on regular basis so that you dont forget and you will be able to save much of your time by timely regular revisions.
  2. Time table 

    Prepare a proper study plan which should be balanced from all perspectives. Dedicate atleast 10–12 hours for your preparation. As told earlier, study atleast 2 subjects simultaneously.

  3. Hard Work & Self Motivation 

    This 2 things will decide your future through GATE. Be self motivated and keep working hard. Have trust in your abilities. Stay focussed. Stay true and honest to yourself while preparing. Decide your priorities in Life.

    If you succeed, Success is entirely yours and no one can take that credit from you.

                If you fail, Failure is entirely yours and you cant blame anyone for that.

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